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04-12-2006, 02:52 AM
Currently I have the following speakers

Fronts Infinity Overture 3's
Center Infinity Prelude
Rear Infinity Overture 2's
Subwoofer Infinity SW 12

I was thinking about buying the following speakers and replacing the above.

NHT T6 for fronts
M6's for rears
M6 for center

Is the NHT system a better system than the Infinity Overtures?

My next question is on the receiver end.

If I use the Infinity speakers I was looking at going with seperates. Such as either an Anthem AV30 with a Anthem MCA 50 or a Parasound C2 with a Parasound A52.

Now if I buy the NHT system I was thinking of just using a regular AV receiver like a NAD T773, because of the price of spending on the speakers limiting my budget on a receiver.

If you had your choice which way would you guys go and why?


04-12-2006, 12:18 PM
No one has any comments?

04-13-2006, 06:29 AM
well your best bet is to hear the nht system in action. Doing a complete speaker system overhaul like that is a huge change and i'd take my time with it (twice i've thought about a complete overhaul and found that it wasnt for me both times). i havent heard those infiniti's so i cant comment on them, but i have heard the NHT T6 system (and the T5 system). i liked them a lot, but to say they are better than the infiniti's is really up to you. the T6 full system has a LOT of bass to it. however they are far more efficient than their other systems (120dB sensitivity vs. 86dB for their classics). personally, i would go with separates if you can just because you have the option of a lot more power going to your speakers, and can always upgrade in pieces as well. if you're happy with your pre, can just upgrade the power amp, or vice versa over time, gives u more flexibility in a way.
however if you are used to the "infinity sound" i would reccomend a couple of listening sessions with the nht's to make sure they are right for you. if you just listen to them once, the newness of the sound will have more of an impact on you rather than if you really, really like them. different isnt neccessarily good/bad, sometimes it's just 'different.' andi havent heard nht's with nad, maybe someone else can comment on this combo.

04-13-2006, 07:49 PM

The only problem is that I don't have anyone around here that carries the NHT speakers. So comparing them is hard to do. I've just read a lot of great reviews on them and how they compare to 10-15k speakers. I've been told that there is no comparision, but that's by people wanting to sell them to me.

04-13-2006, 08:15 PM
i would tend to agree that the nht's outperform systems costing quite a bit more, but that is really just my own personal taste. people will swear by all different brands (and be perfectly legit in doing so) because this is a subjective medium, what sounds great to one person, can sound like crap to another.

should just be aware that you are making a very major overhaul of your system. what is it exactly about your system that you don't like? or what performance would you like to enhance? there are other things you can try to switch things up that can make pretty significant changes in the sound.
dont get me wrong, i'd reccomend nht to everyone.... to audition and then decide. Should (obviously am sure you know) be careful when spending money, especially this much on a full T6 system. i wish i could give you a comparison to the infinity's but i just havent heard much of their line, have only heard the epsilon (? i think was the model name) and they just weren't to my taste. (i thought the trebble on them was extremely high, even after lowering it down on the reciever).
is your dealer local? would he allow you an inhome audition of the speakers? its just a major (imo) purchase to make blind (or i guess deaf in this case).
keep us posted!

04-14-2006, 05:56 AM

No, there is not a dealer local that I can listen to the NHT T6's at. I don't think the Infinities sound bad at all. I actually think they sound good. But reading reviews of the NHT's makes me think they would sound better.

NHT T6 have their own separates amps and separate crossover. While the infinities are built into the unit itself. I know that the NHT amps are 19lbs while the Infinities are probably 4-6 lbs. So I think NHT has better aspects that way.

Just trying to figure out if its worth upgrading and going with a regular AV reciever or keeping what I have and going with separates.

04-14-2006, 06:34 AM
well another idea to consider is going the separates route first, and seeing how you like that with the infinitys. and if your happy with your receivers preamp section, all you'd really need (for the time being) would be a separate power amp. this could really open up the infinity's more. i really know how the upgrade bug can hit and just really want to try something new/better... but the last thing you want is buyers remorse, especially with a big purchase. i've gone through the exact same things with two major overhauls of my system (see my long winded post in speakers section for the full story) thought up, but never gone through because i auditioned the speakers extensively and over time and realized they werent for me.
that being said, going with a seperate poweramp could really give you a whole new experience, AND will not be anything 'wasted' as even if you replace the infinity's somewhere down the line, you'll still have a solid poweramp (although then you get into the conundrum of matching amps/speaker combinations)... haha, so not sure if i've helped any or just raised more questions!

04-14-2006, 04:12 PM
as a current PSB user and also huge advocate to their sound and abilities I would dramatically emphasize looking into them. The reason? Simply put they are one of the best manufacturers for their price. They also have various models, which can help you out financially by going with a series that parallels your budget. PSB's are also stylish and you can probably find a few places to check them out prior to purchase.