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04-05-2006, 07:01 PM
No, im not talking about me not posting in about 5 months, Im talking about Oklahoma City's The Flaming Lips. Their new cd was delivered to me yesterday(along withthe 5.1 mix of yoshimi, which has tons of other cool stuff on it too). At War With the Mystics is just an awesome album from front to back. A bit of a departure from their last 2, no common theme throughout. The music ranges from spacey instumentals, to gritty dirty rock/funk. I would say half the album is similar to their older albums, while half are similar to the Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi. The lyrics are phenomenal as well; they take aim at terrorists, Bush, and pop culture, among other things. Truly, great from start to finish. Includes a new version of Mr Ambulance Driver as well. Buy this album!

Oh yea, the 5.1 mix of Yoshimi is good too, especially the DVD-Audio section with stuff that was left off the album; there are also about 7 music videos on there, and these videos are pretty crazy and hilarious.