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03-30-2006, 12:50 PM

While considering my question, please keep in mind that, while my system MAY be connected to a TV, it will primarily be used as an audio stereo system.

I've had a really average AIWA shelf system for years. I'm preparing to piece together a new AUDIO (better) system and have narrowed down the speakers (in my price range) to these:

- Aperion Audio Intimus 632 bookshelf speaker
- Boston Acoustics VRB

I heard the Boston VRBs at my local stereo store and love them. I particularly enjoy a nice clean, clear, crisp hi-hat. I've read good things about the Aperion but have no way to hear them.

While you're at it, when it comes to RECEIVERS, I'm considering the Outlaw 2150 OR a Denon DRA-395. What do you think? Which speakers with which receiver?

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.


03-31-2006, 07:07 AM
Wow, I think you are really on the right track. With any combination of the speakers and components you are listing you are going to be blown away in comparison to that Aiwa. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with what you are looking at.

It seems to me your real dilemma is retail vs. mail order. Their are pros and cons on both sides. However, the only thing I've ever bought mail order (besides ebay) was a turntable. I like the retail experience and having a one stop place for any problems. But, I also live right by a cluster of stereo shops.

Since you put "recievers" in all caps, I assume you are not interested in an integrated amp. I don't think that Denon is in the same league as the Outlaw. I'd go with the Outlaw. If you want something else, check out this:

Also, I'd go with the Bostons. I've always been a big fan and have had several pairs over the years. I don't specifically know the VRB, but I almost bought a pair of VR-M60. Both the M60 and M50 are very underrated. And you can probably get the M60 down to a street price of $750-800, with an even better deal on the M50.

Good luck.

03-31-2006, 07:33 AM
Welcome to AR Underdog. I really like your choice of the Boston Acoustics VRB speakers. Very nice looking in that dark cherry style finish and they sound excellent. I don't know about the Aperions but I think you'll get more bass with the VRB's. In fact if you have the money and the room, take a listen to the VR2 floorstanders. They are really nice speakers. As to your receiver, the Outlaw probably is better but it is $250 more and currently on backorder. If performance matters more than money and you are willing to wait then it is a good choice. However, why wait? The Denon DRA-685 and Yamaha RX-797 are certainly in the ballpark in terms of quality, they're readily available and they're less money. The Denon in particular has an excellent amp section. It is not much of a stepdown to the DRA-395. In fact it has a sub out not included in the 685. It would be very good with the VRB's. I've auditioned this combo and it's very good and it would also handle the floorstanders quite well too. Those VR speakers are very efficient. You don't mention a source but I'll suggest that you can save some money by using an introductory dvd player from Toshiba, Philips,etc. Good performance and more bucks for speakers. A system like the DRA-395, VRB's and a Philips dvd should sound great and be affordable too. Hope this helps and best of luck.

03-31-2006, 01:55 PM
Thanks so much for the feedback. I appreciate it.

I have decided to go with the Boston VRBs. Still debating the receiver issue. I always thought of Denon as the "top of the line", but that seems to have changed since I was really "into it" 20 years ago. I like the Outlaw but am now interested in the Yamaha rx-797 SlumpBuster mentioned. We shall see.

Two more quick questions.

1. I'm ashamed to ask, but what is the difference between a receiver and an integrated amp?

2. Now that I've decided on speakers, can you recommend a subwoofer? I would rather not spend more than $250. This system is going into my office at home, a room about 15' x 18'.

Thanks again, all.

03-31-2006, 03:28 PM
An integrated amp is a receiver without a radio tuner. Here are two popular examples in this price range: r

Most people will claim that an integrated is generally better than a receiver. In this price range, I think that is a dubious claim. Receivers are a particularly American thing. The rest of the world essentially uses integrates with a separate tuner.

Two popular subs in this range are the Athena and Titanic kit:

For my money though, I like and use Velodyne:

Boston also has a sub on sale through for like $250