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03-27-2006, 11:50 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am actually very new to Home Audio System. My Dad used to be into these stuffs years ago.

Anyway, I live on my own, and I have some insurance replacement speakers (Tannoy mx4) currently connected with an inexpensive receiver. I am actually planning to buy a new amp. The HK AVR-635. Knowing that this is a good amp, I would like to know if I should upgrade my speakers? If yes, I don't wanna spend more than $500 for new speakers? What would you suggest. Thanks!


03-28-2006, 05:21 AM
Hi laueddy, welcome to AR. Do you like how the mx4's sound? If you do then I think you should hang on to them for awhile until you have a larger budget. I'm not familiar with them myself but, from what I could find out with some quick browsing, they should be pretty decent speakers and Tannoy is a very respectable brand. I think you would probably have to spend more than $500 in order to improve your sound. If you don't like them for some reason then you need to tell us why and a little more about the kind of music you like and how you want your speakers to sound. Since you're new to the game it would pay you to be patient. Get your receiver and try the Tannoys with it. If you're happy then you're all set. If not, then save up a little and start looking. The mx4's look like they could be good starter speakers to build a home theater around (you could save some bucks by buying matching speakers on the used market) and certainly they should do a good job of getting you by until you know more about what you want and what is available. Hope this helps and good luck.

03-28-2006, 05:55 AM
I agree with Matt - rather than spending money to "upgrade" which may not actually happen I would stick with what you have. Not so much to save money and spend more but to spend more time listening to more gear and gaining a a better understanding of what it is that you like. We can all spout off piles of speakers for you but so what. We could spout of piles of movies we like too -- and that doesn't mean much either.

Just spend some time listening to a variety of gear at a variety of price levels. You never know what will crop up.