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03-27-2006, 05:50 PM
I talked to someone who saw Tull here a few months ago. They said they played about an hour and Ian's voice was shot, the band was uninspired.

Before Ian criticizes anyone else's music shouldn't he make sure he does NOT SUCK?


03-27-2006, 07:47 PM
He's right.

Why have a keyboard player at all if you're going to play with a full orchestra? Or vise versa?

Further more, I've had several people view that DVD of Symphonic Yes and remark that you could barely hear the orchestra over the keys. Actually, I was pleased that the orchestra didn't run away with the sound, but one person that listened to the DVD (who also plays piano and organ) said that the keyboard player is playing the same parts as the orchestra; instead of playing within or around the orchestral arrangment, he plays on top of them.

As far as the keyboard player being taken out and shot...well, that's a little overkill. He seemed like a competant keyboard player, to me anyway. Myself, I hope they got the orchestra thing outta their system.

BTW: that orchestra looked like it was lucky to have the gig. What was their average age? 18-22 years old?

FWIW: I've heard more that I liked from YES than anything I've heard from Tull since the '70s. He's talkin natural timbre and I'm remembering those drum loops he used throughout the '80s (yeesh).