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03-21-2006, 08:15 PM
Over the years, I have cobbled together a surround sound system - adding bits here, replacing parts there. As a result, I have many different speakers, but don't know how to combine them to make the best possible setup.

Here's what I have:

Marantz RG150's: These are older floor speakers I recently got when my father bought a new system. They've got 12" subs, 4" liquid cooled midrange, and 3" liquid cooled tweeter (I'm really just reading off the label so I don't know how much of this is significant). They'll hold 8 OHMs.

Bose 101's: self explanatory. I was running these upfront.

Bose 100's: First speakers, had them in back.

JBL TLX Movie surround - My first surround sound setup. I'm currently using only the center box from this setup.

Yamaha YST-SW45 subwoofer.

Kenwood VR - 605 tuner

When I got the Marantz's, I moved the 101's to the back, eliminating the 100's. But other than that, I'm not sure what the best combo of these components is. Do I still need the subwoofer with the bigger floor speakers? Should I be using the JBL's in place of the Bose? They handle 8 ohm's, matching the big speakers up front, but I had pretty much assumed them inferior to the 101's at least. Is there anything else I should consider?

Thanks for the help, and sorry if these are the sort of questions that make regulars roll their eyes ;) .

Mr Peabody
03-23-2006, 09:50 PM
My suggestion would be to sell off the speakers and buy a matching set up. BUT, if I had to do a set up with your speakers I'd use the Marantz for mains and pick either the JBl center or one of the Bose for center depending on which had the closest timbre match to the Marantz. Then use the best Bose in the rear, unless already used for center.

Once I had the speakers placed, I'd set the receiver to "no sub". Set the front and center to large, stick with me here, and the rear to small. I doubt if the Bose would truly be capable of full range. Then I'd hook the Yamaha sub up to the center, preferrably in a configuration that would roll off the low frequency to the center satelite speaker as to not over drive it. This would probably give you the best impact with your set up.

03-25-2006, 10:55 PM
I hooked up the Bose 100 as center and hooked it up to the sub. It catches the high notes a bit better than the JBL, and the sub seems to makeup for the speaker's inability register bass as anything more than vibrating plastic. I've yet to turn it up a lot though, given that I just put new foam surrounds on the Marantzs and want the glue to cure well.