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Mr Peabody
03-18-2006, 05:14 PM
I was nearly run out of here for disliking the new David Gilmour album and now I'm really pushing my luck.

Anyone else hear or buy the Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts? I have never watched American Idol which again puts me in the minority but after hearing, and seeing, Carrie Underwood, I sort of regret it. Her album is categorized as Country but it's one of the most solid or consistent Country albums I've heard in some time. This album is full of strong Country/Pop songs and the ones that aren't so strong still are very enjoyable due to her powerful and emotional singing style. A small percentage of my collection is Country, and, part of the reason is Country is like most Top 40 albums, you get one, maybe 2 good songs and the rest suck. So I was pleasantly surprised with this Underwood album when I was able to listan all the way through and enjoy each song. The title track actually is not Country and I suspect it will cross over. I heard it just Friday on a station that calls itself "The Mix". It seems that many so called Country artists are having songs cross over to the Adult Contemporary charts because not much Country is Country anymore.

The production and sound quality is just average, like a typical Pop album. Or, I guess average is probably pretty good for a Pop album. Although I've heard some recent R&B albums which were surprisingly very good.

So those of you who also have red neck roots or just open minded to some good fun Pop songs may want to give this a listen.

03-20-2006, 07:29 AM
I'm not a fan of American Idol myself, but I did keep tabs on Carrie's progress through last years show. Primarily because she's from my neck of the woods (her hometown is about 30 miles from where I live) and I always do what I can to support local artists. However, I would have picked up her debut disk anyway - the girl has real potential IMO. I just hope she stays true and dosen't get lost in all the glam she is wrapped up in right now.

So here is another Carrie Underwood fan Mr. Peabody. :thumbsup:


03-20-2006, 10:18 AM
Can't say I'm a Carrie Underwood fan. I'm biased against shows like American Idol because of what its represents. If I were a much younger person, I could take great glee in referring to her as Carrie Underwear (see how I am?).

However, I'm sure its a strong album because the 'powers that be' would not want her album to flounder; so she'll get the best tunesmiths and coaches money can buy. They're all stepford singers. Even Kelly Clarkson. But that being said...

I like Clarkson's new direction. I know its still slick marketing, but I do like at least three songs off her latest album. She has a sort of smokey quality I like and she (or whoever) was wise to get away from Spears-ish stuff.

Carrie Underwea...err...Underwood (heh heh I just thought of something else) will do fine I'm sure; she's certainly no more guilty of being a stepford singer than anyone in pop or country music. I did catch a few episodes of AI and I think that the voting is bogus, cuz it was about time someone who sang country won, because it gives them a new genre to test, since they already 'placed' winners in R&B (Stoddard) and pop (Clarkson). (hhmmm...whatever happen to that chick who won singing older Soul and even some older jazzy stuff) .

And what about that Bo dude? What has he wound up doing?