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03-10-2006, 04:37 AM
Rotel RCD-02 vs Cambridge Audio Azur 540C version 2

Which CD Player is better ?
Both retail in the same price.

I listen to Jazz, blues and folk but sometimes R & B

Please tell me wat do u think of this two CD Player.

03-12-2006, 02:30 AM
I've been considering buying a new cd player myself. While I have not heard the Cambridge player I would lean toward it over the Rotel for a couple of reasons. When I listened to the RCD-02 (with the matching integrated) it seemed ok but nothing special. It had a very nice appearance and was HDCD capable. I have HDCD on my current player and frankly it's not of much use unless you have a lot of cd's with this feature (I don't). The price in my area was $500. I like the Cambridge from a price standpoint ($400) and also because of it's 24 bit/192 khz Wolfson dac. I have heard several inexpensive dvd players with the 24/192 dac (obviously not Wolfson) and I think they sound pretty good. In fact the main reason I haven't bought an Azur player is I might just go with a dvd player. I think both players are good ones and would work well for you, but personally, I would only buy the Rotel if I got a really good price, needed HDCD or was matching it with the Rotel integrated in that line. Incidentally the Rotel dealers in my area no longer carry the RCD and the Rotel website shows it as being a European product, so availability might be questionable too. Hope this helps a little.
Good luck.