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03-08-2006, 05:22 PM
ok friends, here goes, please bare with me as i am not a home theatre pro, i hope i can express my problem here with my toshiba 6980 dvd player.
problem number 1 deals with the resume function, here is a direct quote from the manual
"RESUME function
When you stop disc play,the player remembers
where you stopped,so when you press
PLAY/PAUSE ()button again,it will pick up
where you left off.(unless the disc is removed
or the player is unplugged,or if you press the
STOP ()button twice.)

for the life of me i cant get this to work, if i press stop, and return to my show by pressing play before the machines powers off, it works fine, but if i go back to my movie after the 30 minute window is up, and the machine shuts off itself, then i press play, it doesen't go back to where i left off watching the dvd, it goes right back to the begining, now if i'm reading this right, even after it powers off i should be able to hit play and continue from where i was watching, it specifcally says unless the disc is removed or the player is unplugged. it doesn't mention simply being powered off.
has anyone else had this problem? or is the fact of the matter that after you press stop, and don't continue by the time the machine powers off, that u have to go back to the begining of the disc? if that is the case, is there anyway i can bypass the auto power off on feature?

problem 2, i can never get the disc menu button to work, i'm trying to get in there to see if the vcd.20 is in the often mentioned menu off mode, for the life of me i can't find this function. i've tried hitting the disc menu button. but nothing ever comes up, there are about 12 instances in the manual where it states that a feature will only work if VCD 2.0 is in Menu Off mode only,the manual says Select Menu Off by pressing the DISC MENU button, every time i try to hit this button i get the litter error icon that appears in top right corner off the screen. beyond this, i don't know what else to say, can anyone help me out there. i apologize about the confusng nature of this post, but i'm totally confused myself. i only have a few days left on the warranty as i was in the middle of the move and didn't get the player hooked up till a few days ago. thank you for taking the time to read.