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03-05-2006, 09:50 AM
Is that blood, coming from me?

Listening to one of my favorites from last year, The Radar Bros. and their The Fallen Leaf Pages. Not much different from what they've done before, but that's OK with me since it's a nice and slow moving wash of Meddle era Pink Floyd and After the Gold Rush era Neil Young, but I think more original than that might suggest. Seems like it should've gotten more love, but that quirky new-wave-post-punk-disco sound is what gets all the attention these days. Too bad since this is very compelling music ... but it takes a certain state of mind and body to soak up and appreciate. Each song is another fragment of a strange story that's never completely told. Something I often listen to once and then hit play again, and then again. Very warm sound, with epic swirls coming occasionally amongst the ebb and flow. And also some rather twisted tales of death and salvation hiding beneath the innocently delivered lyrics. Still like And The Surrounding Mountains best, and don't appreciate that they used a lot more compression on this latest one, but it's still very good, and "Papillon" is totally brilliant. "Hello weak butterfly in my arms, you've traveled so far to die in my arms." And unique imagery like ...

School's out today, and the spring air is still
You move like a riverboat through the thick brushy hills
Timed like a lung, you expand, you deflate
In the hot night, crows fight, beetles in the firelight.

Used it toward the end of my latest New Disguise comp that I tossed in with a few of the luckier recipients of the Mystery Disc(s) :)

But back to the spooky "Is That Blood" I started out with above, and that I can't get out of my head lately ...

Walk me through the orchard
With a smile, we will devour each other's kin
Send you all to sleep now
As the tide comes in again
Your dreams, washing through the trees

Hey, is that blood
washing through our feet again?
Is that blood, coming from me?
And hey, are those tears
washing through my fingers from you?

Kind and ordinary
With a smile, we will forgive the ones we kill
So we're all awake now
As the tide returns again
The end, washes through our feet.

Hey, are those waves
crashing on our heads again?
Are those waves, burying me?
And hey, are those tears
Flowing from the trees around me?