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03-04-2006, 07:46 AM
I've got COMCAST cables HDTV DVR box with HDMI output going to a JVC RXD401S HDMI AV Receiver. From the JVC Receiver the HDMI cable goes to the back of my Sony XBR 40 inch BRAVIA. From time to time just either when I turn the system on or switch between HD channels, the picture and sound go in and out and don't lock in. The JVC reciever keeps showing the red HDTV light going in and out, but it won't lock on. THe only solution I have found is to power everything down ... then reboot the COMCAST box and then turn everything back on .. and voila it is all synced up. However, a "cold" reboot seems like a pretty primative thing to do. Of course, the COMCAST people tell me its because of my receiver, which they have no clue of ... or its because of my HDMI cables, thought I doubt it is cables which are cheap LENEXPO's but no onehas had problems with the cables before.

Does anyone have any ideas?

03-04-2006, 09:32 AM
I don't believe that the cables have anything to do with it either. I'll reserve final judgment until the switching problem in your other post is resolved, but at this point, my best guess is that you've run into one of those little inconveniences that are dogging HDMI in its relative infancy. One of HDMI's problems at this stage of the game is repeating a signal through more than one device. Motorola has failed in this regard, to one degree or another, in other cases. The cold reboot may be your only recourse. If the cable box works well directly into the TV, either the STB or the receiver is having trouble repeating signals. But if your HDMI DVD player works okay when mediated by the receiver, the STB would seem to be the problem.

03-06-2006, 10:50 PM
Well .. not quite sure what did it exactly ... but I solved the problem. First, I removed a surge protector I had on the cable wall outlet. I took off a number of unused connections from the multiplexer in the attic. Then I got a new SA 8300HD cable box from COMCAST. Then I rerouted my HMDI lines directly through my HDMI switcher. I connected my cable box HDMI and DVD HDMI outputs to the HDMI switcher box, then connected the HDMI output from the switcher box to the HDMI input on my 40 inch Sony XBR BRAVIA LCD HDTV effectively bypassing the A/V receiver. Then I connected the audio outputs using TOSLINK optical cables to the receiver. Now, the cable box and the TV set sync up the video signal without any problems and the audio sounds better than with the HDMI inputs (this could be in my head). :ihih: