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03-03-2006, 08:44 PM
It's really surprising to me how this company goes about sales. Nobody seems to know they exist. It's like going into business and forgetting to hang a shingle out. Pretty blasted stupid if you ask me. Great product though. I picked up my pair of VMPS Tower IIse many years ago in trade. I gave up a pair of McIntosh MC30 and a pair of Quad ESL on hardwood Levinson (I'm told) stands. I had plenty of those overrated Mac amps and I got the Quads at a garage sale so I didn't have a lot invested anyway. What really sold me on the VMPS was the hardware value. So much HiFi is look and nameplate but little actual componentry. You know what I mean, like you're buying empty boxes at high prices. The VMPS was different. Big and heavy with lots of real stuff that cost money to make. Not an empty box. After having KLH 9's, big Accoustats and the Quads, the VMPS seemed small to me. Everybody writes about the big bass and they certainly can provide that but I see half wits blowing steam about how they take a ton of power. Man, I make tube amps. Lots of tube amps. The VMPS do very well in my big living room with the 25 ft. ceilings on 30 to 40 watts a side. The deal is that if the sound is good you don't need or want to blast the doors out. You do that to compensate if the sound isn't so hot. Say you're using a Krell or Levinson or some other super powered monster for instance. Why so much power? To make it loud. It's far more satisfying to make it sound good. The VMPS for all the hype about bass are responsive as can be. When I switch from one amp to another every week as the next handmade job gets finished I really need to know how the amp sounds. These speakers sure do a better job than the Quads or anything else I've had. No, the Accoustats were great but too dang big. Way too big. I've been playing with this stuff since 1970 and part of the deal is all the guys that I've known that get great components all the time. Expensive stuff, glittery stuff, stuff with great reviews, and it passes right through their hands because after the initial thrill of getting the piece the satisfaction just isn't there. I've kept these speakers and will continue to do so because they are just great. Yes, good value but more that that, they're great and that's not a price thing. Still, I can't help but wonder who runs their marketing. Whoever it is must be asleep at the switch.