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03-01-2006, 05:27 PM
and it has been a loong time since i posted here. Anyways, I am now ready to do my first diy project, and i have of course narrowed my selection down to daytons br1 kit and the kit. I saw poneals aluminum dayton project and was interested, but i dont have the necessary skills yet.

So, I read the br1s go slightly lower(5 hz?), but that the ar.coms play a bit louder, and are smoother. Not that i really listen that loudly very often, but sometimes I would like to. I prefer to listen to trip-hop, jazz, Floyd, and a bit of metal. I also like detail, to hear the subtle sounds you cant hear on crappy speakers ( you know, like little short electronic blurbs and neat stuff like that). I am not too concerned about the bass extension, as i plan on building a sub soon after i finish these.
I know some of you own or have owned both of these at one time, and would appreciate a bit of input about the things i mentioned above. And when i decide what kit to buy, should i also buy a single speaker kit for the center channel?
Thank you