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02-25-2006, 01:23 PM
I recently acquired a Creative SBS 330 2.1 speaker system. Actually, I blew the amp from my friend's because I used the wrong power supply, and I bought her a new one, so now I have her old one with an amp that doesn't work. So, the speakers work, but they are somewhat useless as they don't get loud. The subwoofer also works, but it's more useless than the speakers. With the speakers, I can use them with my laptop, and they get semi-loud due to the amp in the laptop, but not as loud as it does with the amp that used to be in the subwoofer.

With the subwoofer, I took out the broken amp from the box, and then I spliced the wires to the subwoofer and hooked it up to my stereo system using some spare speaker cable. The sub works fine, as there is sound coming through, and on the stereo system, since the amp is built into the stereo system, the sub gets as loud as the stereo will allow. However, since the stereo system has outputs for just two speakers and no dedicated subwoofer output, if I use the sub with the stereo, everything comes through the sub, not just bass sounds.

Now, since I figured out that all the parts of the speaker system work except for the amp, I hope to be able to use them someday. I want to hook them up to my laptop. I have the Logitech X-230 speakers for my laptop, and they're great, but I kind of like the way the Creative speakers handle the high to mid-range frequencies. I want to split the output from my laptop and use the Creative speaker system along with the Logitech ones. Anyway, this is pretty much impossible to do without an amp for the subwoofer.

So, my question is, is there some sort of amplifier that I can buy that I can hook up to my laptop so that I can hook up the speakers and the subwoofer to it? I would need something with a dedicated subwoofer output and a dedicated speaker output.

Please don't suggest modding a car amplifier. I don't have the money for that kind of thing.