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02-23-2006, 09:41 PM
There's a neat free web site www.mininova.org that has very high quality torrents to download of the latest TV shows like 10 minutes after they're shown, most commercial free, which is real handy if you forgot to watch or record something on your DVR. You need Torrent files to download them into windows media player & can do so through another free program online called utorrent. My question for people who are familiar with this stuff is, are American TV programs available for download as a Torrent Region Free, meaning that if someone has a computer in Europe, they can download and watch these torrents (Shows) or are we talking apples and oranges and total incompatibility. As an aside, anyone traveling outside the US who wishes to watch their regular TV shows can do so through a legal product sold in places like Circuit City called Slingbox for around $250 or so. This device attaches itself to your DVR & lets you watch anything through your own website on your computer. I'm really surprised this product hasn't sparked massive lawsuits because theoretically you could watch a football game say on NFL ticket live in Antartica on your computer for free. Unfortunately, the device only works on a 1 to 1 basis, 1 device for 1 computer, not several. The commercial possibilities are endless to people in Europe but there probably would be massive lawsuits too.