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02-22-2006, 07:54 PM
Kinda been out of the loop for a long time. Had a nice system in the club room but only used it sporadically the last 15 years or so. Got interested again after buying a little cheapy HT system for a small bedroom. Sounded great for DVD's. How could such small cheap speakers sound so good?

Decided to attack the club room (much larger room). Bought a Yamaha RX-V2500 to replace a 1970's quadraphonic receiver. Bought a moderately priced AR HT6 Home Theater in a box ( 4 sats, center, and powered sub) .

Thinking I would get the best of both worlds, I put a my old (1988) self amplified Bang & Olufson Penta speakers for front left/right, and placed two really old (1972) BOSE 501 series II speakers outside and behind each Penta. This created a very wide sound stage.

Tied in the home theater speakers for side and back surrounds, plus the center and the sub. Not happy. No matter how much tweaking, the small sats and center just don't match up with the big front speaker array. This is especially evident for music. Movies sound much better, but assuredly due to new technology versus my previous 1970's surround technology.

OK, what to do next? Will start with center channel speaker upgrade. The AR6 center just sounds like a little box stuck between very nice left and right sound. Am looking for a center around $200 but am willing to go up to $500. Dimensions can't exceed about 25" wide and 10" high. Depth not a factor. Hope to get it in without the wife noticing and asking why I bought more speakers when I just got a new HT system.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. After that I look at the sats.


02-22-2006, 08:15 PM
The centre channel should be timbre match with your front.The centre in a HT is the most important speaker for voice.I change so many time thinking it did'nt matter ,but it does.I finally bought one that match the towers and its all cristal clear.My complete system is Dahlquist and the centre channel alone was listed at$ 699.00 CND.