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01-21-2004, 10:27 PM
For x-mas I received a Axiom VP100 and a pair of M3tis. Right now i'm in the process of buying the rear surrounds to complete the 5.1 setup. I'll be using the system for music more so than HT, so I was thinking that it would be better to go with normal 2-way speakers rather than bipoles(or is it dipoles?). I'm a college student on a tight budget at the moment, so I'm only looking to spend about $200. Space is also a factor.

I'm trying to pick up a pair of used M22s, but I'm not sure if that's going to fall through. I've been reading alot of postives about the paradigm atoms and was considering snaching a pair off ebay. They seem to be going for around $100. I figure I could use them until I upgraded and then use them in a office stereo for my dad.

I saw though that the atoms only have power handling of 50 watts. Will this be a problem if used as rears? Also, are the sounds of the axiom and paradigms too different that they wouldn't sound good? Any other suggestions? I'm sure some will say to save up my money, but I really won't have any money coming in until the summer and I have my heart getting this setup as soon as possible.

01-21-2004, 11:13 PM
Try and get the used Axioms or if they sell a lower end model get that one. I personally loathe the Atom because to me it sounds like a tweaked up $40.00 speaker you get at Future Shop but has NAME and advertising power. People do like them so give them a listen, but they make me nautious and I puke blahhh like that(Slap Shot).

You also probably want to voice match the Axioms so that all speakers sound more or less the same. It's not that important for the rears and is IMO more of a marketing ploy to get people to overspend on rear spekers - but there is mild credence to it and visually it makes sense. Ideally you want all five speakers to be identical.

01-22-2004, 03:36 AM
I'll half way agree with RGA, which is rare in itself, in that for a mainly music system, the rears should be matched to the fronts. Were this ti be mainly movies, then I'd say that matching isn't that critical. Shoot for something from the same manufacturer/series.

They ain't bad speakers. Many people love 'em and that are of a solid build quality from a well established, reputable company. But, speakers being a personal preferance much like ice cream flavors, they ain't my cup o' tea.

Jimmy C
01-22-2004, 04:29 AM
...and all other things being equal, match the rears. Since the rears do mostly sound effects, a slight difference in timbre wouldn't matter so much.

A friend of mine is using the Atoms for the rears and they work quite well. Not sure of power handling, but they haven't flinched at whatever was thrown at them. More importantly, they sound very spacious - things like footsteps, a passing car, kids playing in the background can really sound like they a fair distance away... well beyond room boundaries.

I haven't heard the Axioms, but the Atoms work well.

01-22-2004, 08:48 AM
I own the M3Ti's, never owned the Atom's but I've got plenty of experience with them. In my opinion, they'd match the Axiom's pretty well, but for rears, I don't think you'll notice too much in the way of timbre balancing anyway.
I'd listen to a set first to be safe, but in my experience the reviews here don't lie. Granted, anytime you see the Paradigm name you'll usually find RGA criticizing them, but I think that's more of a personal preference thing, I've found RGA's posts to be generally quite informed and reliable.
Personally, I've been terribly disappointed with the M3's, and you can see my review from december or november explaining why.
I got these to replace a set of Paradigm Titans in my dining room and they're failing miserably, but since I gave the ol' Titans to my folks with some other speakers, I can't take them back. Doh. I know the Atoms sound very similar to the Titans, with a bit less bass and slightly muddier midrange, but they are quite small. Still, I'd put them toe-to-toe with the Axiom's anyday, especially as rears. For 100 bucks you can't go wrong.