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02-21-2006, 07:25 PM
Ihave this apx 10 year JVC RX 660V surround reciever,
it's rated at a 100 watts a channel , bu tI don't who's watts they are using !
I'vehad the lid off the unit and I can't quite make out how the amp works .
Either it's one large mono amp or like , 3 small wattage amps inside th chasis .
How do thse surround amps work ?
My unit looks like the signal is processed and the signal is processed and feed to the drivers or there are 3 - 4 samll amps working at the same time and also the signal is processed as well .
They have mounted in power chips frontt o back on the chassis as well , and odd layout most output transistors are usually on the back of an amp with big heat sinks .
. I am using the amp for playback with my digital recording set up
I als run another stereo sytem as well with an A\B swith between both setups .
I find the surroond amps stereo mode to goofy sounding on it's own best to left running in the surround mode .
Not a bad hom eunit .
I f go to a biger better amp wil want to have a lot more output and line outs on all the channels as wel.


02-21-2006, 08:00 PM