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02-19-2006, 08:49 AM
Hello all. I'm looking for headphones type Full-Size/Ear-Cup, not Ear-Bud. Preferably with a microphone (I use Ventrilo/Team Speak/Skype etc. and my desk is kinda tight so I don't have space for а separate mic) but if it's really worth I would buy without one. Size doesn't matter, I need them for home use only, mainly for my computer. Bass Response matters a lot for me because I listen to music with major bass lines (Drum & Bass, Trip-Hop, Breakbeat). I'm not really familiar with cables and wireless but my last headphones' ( ) cable got out of order on the first week I bought them so here am I looking for new ones.... I don't know how is this called (Noise Canceling?) but I prefer people around me not to hear what I'm listening to. Comfort is also important since I would wear them for few hours a day. Price is supposed to be around $30-35 or lower. I'm from Bulgaria.

I was looking for something similar on the internet but couldn't really find it. And yes, I'm obviously a total audio newbie. :[ I wasn't sure where should I post so excuse me if I didn't do it right. Thx in advance for all responses!