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02-10-2006, 06:48 AM
Many months back, I had my DQ-10 woofers rebuilt by Regnar (a company in NY who specializes in this) after an unsuccessful refoaming by someone else. A lot of people thought I was stark raving mad to spend almost $300 for this procedure, and told me so in spades, but now after a fair amount of time, I have to state emphatically that it was worth every cent.

I guess it takes a long time for the woofers to "seat," (if that's the correct word), but the bass performance of my DQ-10's has never been better, although a sub-woofer is still essential for deep notes, such as those from a pipe organ or a synthesizer. The bass line is extremely detailed, and (I know this will sound somewhat trite) I do now hear stuff I've never heard before. And, if this is at all possible, the speakers sound better today than they did a few weeks after I got the woofers back from Regnar, hence my statement at the beginning of this paragraph. actually was brought to my attention by the folks at Regnar, so I guess I'm not alone in having this viewpoint. While I find some of Regnar's prices startling ($379.95 for each of the stands is a bit much), the $300 spent to completely rebuild these woofers was well worth it, and I highly recommend this procedure to anyone owning DQ-10's whose woofers have rotted foam surrounds.

Resident Loser
02-10-2006, 08:18 AM
...I'm sure all the DQ-10 owners appreciate new sources...

Just a question however...Are you quite sure all the "stuff" you are now hearing isn't because you are now simply listening closer and are more attuned to their performance due to the repairs?

Also, since they required refurbishing, that would likely indicate some noticeable, albeit gradual, sonic deterioration prior to the repairs. If memory serves, the woofers (all the drivers?) were acoustic suspension-type, so any deterioration to the surrounds would most certainly compromise bass performance. Given the rather transient sonic memory we humans have, isn't it possible that removing whatever sonic defects existed has simply skewed your POV? Over time you just got used to less than pristine performance and now...epiphanies have "happened" over lesser changes.

Just some food for thought...

jimHJJ(...and just a taste of what we serve around here...)

02-10-2006, 11:45 AM
I've owned the DQ-10's since 1977 when I purchased them from Dahlquist directly. In 1983, I bought a "better" pair of speakers: the B&W 802F Specials. For many years thereafter, regardless of the home in which I had my system set up, the B&W's always sounded decidedly better than the DQ-10's. I supplemented both with a Dahlquist DQ-1W sub, which self-destructed about 4 years ago, and which I've replaced with a decidedly superior Definitive Technology unit.

I moved to my existing home about 4 years ago, and now have the system in an infinitely superior listening environment than I had in any of my previous homes. I'd been using the B&W's, still "convinced" they were better, and for some reason or other, decided to drag out the DQ-10's and give them a new listen. The first thing I noticed was the severe distortion in the woofers, not realizing the foam surrounds had rotted (and it is only the woofers that are of the acoustic suspension design: all the other drivers are mounted on planes in "free space").

I sent the woofers to Simply Speakers in Florida for a refoam job which cost me just about $80, and took over 8 weeks to accomplish. Upon reinstalling the woofers, I was all but amazed at how good the DQ-10's sounded, and, for the first time since 1983, how much better they sounded than the B&W's. This wasn't only my observation, but that of my wife and any and every person who'se ever been to my house.

Unfortunately, the refoam job was done badly, and I then sent the woofers off to Regnar for a complete rebuild (I had a long and very pleasant and informative discussion with their service manager first as to the why's and wherefore's that I should have to spend almost four times as much money, but don't regret having done so for a moment).

Now, after listening to them for many months since the Regnar rebuild, they sound better than ever. In addition to whatever was done to the woofers (which was just about everything!), I have to admit that I'm using a high-power, high-current amp (the Adcom GFA-5800), but I'd been using that amp in my previous home, and in that environment, the DQ-10's suffered.

So, I suspect that I've managed to find the perfect equipment/room match for the DQ-10's, and that the woofer rebuild did do something to also improve the detail and deliniation of bass frequencies.

A bit long winded (that's me, for sure!) but I hope it answers your question.