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02-04-2006, 07:06 AM
I did a search and it looks like the last person to discuss these cables was me a couple of years ago. That was when a friend who was similiar EQ sent me his Grover interconnects to sample in my system. I really liked them, compared them to some hideously expensive cables at a friend's and came away smiling [no, not as good but close]. And these are very reasonably priced to booth. I thought about ordering them but never did. Now looking again to upgrade the same interconnects I was using then [Silverline Audio] and have read a lot of good things about the NEW Grover cables. It's helpful that I have past exposure with his previous cable to compare but haven't heard his new stuff. So I'm looking for opinions from End-Users about his "UR series" cables. I think the lastest is UR6. The one's I sampled were'nt the "UR". These cables are silver and I believe the return is copper.

I use 24awg solid silver speaker wire and my amp is re-wired with Bob Crump's [R.I.P.] "blow touch" solid silver wire as well. I also use a solid silver i2s digital link. So I'm looking to replace the copper interconnect with silver. My system is pretty damn revealing as is and I've heard the new Grover cables lean that direction so I'm wondering how much of "too much of a good thing" this may be. The Sontaina's are wonderfully detailed but using a soft dome tweeter and mid range are very smooth as well. I also use SET [w/EML 45's] amplification, which again is very detailed, neutral and just easy to listen to. Never know till I order and listen IMS.

I'm not a friend or associate of the cable manufacturer, just a happy end-user looking for honest input from other end-users. MikE