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02-03-2006, 11:14 AM
My system is as follows:

Onkyo TX-SR503 Receiver
Monitor Audio Silver S2 fronts
Monitor Audio Silver SLCR center channel
Velodyne VRP-1200 subwoofer
Two cheap Koss rears not worth mentioning

Here is my problem:

This questions only applies to when I listen to music (CD) throug inly the sub and the two fronts. When I run the fronts as small speakers, no matter where I set the Onkyo's crossover, I get a low-frequency sound "hole" between the sub and the fronts. When I run the fronts as large and double-up the bass, there is no "hole" but the bass is over whelming. It seems as though the Onkyo's built-in crossover lags in resp :confused: onse right around the crossover level. Has anyone else experienced this fate...any suggestions?


02-03-2006, 04:34 PM
I went through the same thing a couple months ago. I'm using KEF fullranges in the front and on "large" I had bass frequencies pinging around all over the place. I have a relatively audio friendly room, so after messing around a bit I found a solution that works for me. Try adjusting the volume level on the sub to what you prefer on whatever you use as an HT reference. Next, look approx. three quarters of the way down your remote. Using the "channel select" button scroll through to SUB and lower the volume that way. I usually end up lowering my sub four or five levels to have a bass sound like a musical instrument rather than an explosion--and its easier than getting behind the sub all the time:)