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01-31-2006, 07:26 AM
I have a Yamaha HTR-5640 and it has been working great. I recently purchased a JVC DR-MV5S DVD Video Recorder & VCR combo unit and I haven't been able to get the DVD recorder to record video while connected to the Yahama home theater. What I get when recording to DVD-RAM through the Yamaha HT is a bunch of static with some audio. The Yahama unit doesn't describe the proper connection in their installation/operations manual and the VCR doesn't describe installation using a home theater system. The JVC manual shows a cable/antennae box connected to the DVD Recorder connected to a TV. Setting up the DVD with this simple approach, bypassing the Yamaha home theater, allows me to record to my DVD-RAM disk. I don't want to have to recable my system to use the home theater and then recable it to record a TV program.

Does anyone out there have experience with connecting a DVD Recorder to a Yahama HTR-5640? Is there a phone number to call Yahama Technical Support like JVC has? JVC would only help me to connect the JVC unit in between the cable box and TV, as described in their manual. That works. But, understandably, they won't assist me with getting their unit to work using the Yamaha HTR.