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01-19-2004, 10:57 AM
I'd heard much bad about this movie from a lot of critics, people etc... so I just had to rent it and judge fer meself. While I'm a sucker for most movies based on Comicbooks or Graphic Novel's, I'd not read any of these books so I was coming in cold. I found the soundtrack to be outstanding although only limited to 5.1 with no DTS option. I felt it gave my rear speaks a good workout. As to the movie itself, it was fine if you SUSPENDED BELIEF as some critics have a hard time doing these days. I enjoyed the pairing of all these mythical literary characters. I thought it was a hoot. There will be no sequel but I'd pay to see it. The revelation of the true nature of the primary villain was marvelous as far as I was concerned. For once I was watching a film that I didn't have the plot sussed out 10 minutes it. Great!!!!!

You could do worse for a saturday night popcorn muncher if you ask me.

Da Worfster :o

01-19-2004, 12:40 PM
Hey Worf,

My wife and I watched it Friday night and I like it. I agree critics can't seem to enjoy a good far fetched movie. None of the actors are going to win Oscars either, but it was very entertaining and had a cool plot and good effects. The sound was really good for a "plain old 5.1 mix". DTS would have been awesome but I really liked it anyway and yes, the rears did get a pretty good workout. I thought the scenes where they were trying to stop the buildings from falling in Venice as the bombs were going off was really cool and sounded great. Overall, a great movie that should have done better at the theaters.


01-19-2004, 01:05 PM
I rented this movie a few weeks ago. I am in agreement with JSE and the WORFSTER. I thought this was a great idea having some of the most famous characters from literature ending up working together to ward off a menace. The 5.1 D.D. track was fine by me and contained some center back surround imaging similar to EX. And then there is Sean Connery who can really add class to a movie just from his personna. I loved the design of the NAUTILUS of which Capt. Nemo called it "the blade of the ocean" and this sub sure looked like one. Not a great film, but solidly better than a lot of films out there.

01-19-2004, 10:00 PM
I saw this at the theatre, and snagged a DVD copy as soon as it was released. Cool film. (It) might possibly attain some sort of 'cult" status. Possibly.

The film grows on you. Aside from the all-too-obvious CGI rendering of the 'Nautilus', (and yes it's beautifuI, though a physics nightmare in reality) I think the film is a hoot. Very cool plot concept. They also crafted the script well enough so as NOT to make it too easy to spot the villian early in the film.

I'm a DTS fiend, but as already stated, the DD 5.1 is pretty strong. The ensemble cast worked well together, and though I don' t think this was one of Sean Connery's stronger performances, he lends a great presence (obviously) to the film.

This is a fantasy film, period. Let the critics scratch thier heads for crying out loud...

pass the popcorn, worfster!