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01-26-2006, 08:21 AM
I am looking at the CD player and the Arcam CD73T. Any thoughts?

01-27-2006, 04:22 AM
I've heard the Arcam - my neighbour has one - the sound is very good at its price . If you can afford , then hear it . Advantages :- {1} It can be up-graded to the next level model and then to the third level by having the shop fit additional Arcam parts . {2} Arcam have been in business for a very long time and have a good reputation , thus you will be able to get spare parts for any repairs , and you will get a well made product to start with . _____ Cambridge - name has been around for years , but with at least 3 different Companies owning it , and none of them related to each other , thus no continuity of reputation , etc ... The current Cambridge Azur range is manufactured using some latest specification parts , eg :- its DAC , but other parts are not of the quality that Arcam use , and it is not manufactured as well as Arcam - nor would one expect it to be at its lower price . Some reviewers rate the new 640-V2 highly for sound , but I doubt as good as the Arcam . The new V2 model has a different transformer than the first Azur 640 , but whether the Company has rectified a weak point in the design or assembly that caused some of the first models to breakdown , I do not know - search in the Digital pages here for some user reports on the problems . I prefer to buy from Manufacturers that have been long in business and have some Audio Specialty background . If you can't afford the Arcam , consider a Marantz model as Marantz have been involved with CD Player design since such first started , and specialize in making audio quality upgraded versions of some of their basic models . I have one myself - CD6000oseLE - and I am very pleased with it at its price - I would have to spend a lot more to better its sound and still have a player made by a reliable Company . best wishes , Chris .