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01-25-2006, 11:25 PM
Monitor audio RS s1
B&W dm602 s3
Klipsch rb-25

which of these 3 is better. performance and the money. I dont necessarily listen to one genre
.all in all what are the differences in their performance.
I guess listening to them myself would be better but since I can't. so I need guidance thanks.

01-26-2006, 06:33 PM
For starters, the Klipsch will probably give you a much punchier sound than the B&W and Monitor Audio models. Since you haven't gotten around to listening to these speakers yet, it would be much preferable to find a place where you can at least try one of them out. That would be the first step, because each of them have a noticeably different tonal balance from one another. Speakers are a very subjective preference, and people's comments will reflect their own preferences and the type of music that they enjoy playing. Buying speakers based on what you read, rather than what you hear is not how you want to choose speakers because what sounds like the greatest thing to one set of ears might sound like crap to someone else. Are there any stores that you can visit in your area?