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01-25-2006, 10:51 PM
I currently only have Klipsch KG3.5 and was going to buy the synergy center and surround to match. But then I was thinking of buying the F-3's to be my new mains and moving the KG3.5 to the rear and getting the c-3 as the center. My other option would be just to get the F-2 fronts, C-2 center, and, s-2 rears and sell the KG's. Are true surround speakers going to sound better as surround then the floor standing ones?

I am also considering the Paradigm speakers. I read a lot of good reviews about them but haven't heard em yet.

These are going to be for my Onkyo TX-SR703 receiver. I am not set on Klipsch, I just kinda like what I know I guess.

Oh, where can you get the new klipsch besides Best Buy. I can't find any other dealers.

01-26-2006, 03:46 AM
paradigm speakers are good. you may wanna listen to reference 60 floor standing. this one is good for both music and ht.

01-26-2006, 06:17 AM
The Klipsch' are definitely good for home theater. They're a good value, efficient, dynamic and easily available. As far as which line to purchase, Klipsch' website has good documentation supporting which surrounds and centers sound good with particular mains. I have several systems, one's a Klipsch system consisting of Kg4 mains, KV3 center and RS-3 front and rear surrounds (Yamaha RX-V2095 has front effects channels). This system sounds great and I'll never replace it.

That being said, although the Klipsch' are a good home theater system I don't think they can hold a candle to a Paradigm Reference system. You'll pay substantially more for comparable speakers, but I believe you'll find them more detailed and musical. You will probably need a better than average receiver to reap their fulll benefit. I woudn't try to use them in a home theater without at least 100w/ch. If you're looking for a reasonably-priced, dynamic, knock your socks off home theater, go with the Klipsch. But, if you want a system which is good for both music and home theater, you're into quality moreso than quantity and you have the bucks and watts, go with the Paradigm. I don't think you'll be disappointed.