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01-14-2006, 11:45 PM
Ive had aol for quite some time... mostly free trials... hehehehe. i got a free six months with my computer... wait till the six months is over, then call and cancel... wait a week or so and uninstall aol and reinstall it from the recovery disc and voila! another free six months for free... thanks aol. I have been on cable for a year now. it never fails to amaze me how dense their people are when you talk to them on the phone to cancel... they will do anything and everything to keep you on there service... Finally i got sick of it as i used it for mostly chatting.. rather than browsing.. the local chat room has gone to pot and is dominated by twentysomethings and younger. so i call and try to cancel... they put me on hold for 40 minutes.. at least i get free minutes on my cell on the weekends lol.

i finally ge through and they ask me why i want to cancel... i lie and tell them i am going to prison for credit card fraud... the lady cancelled me lickety split it was too funny
Even on cable aol is noticeably slower than internet explorer or mozilla.
i downloaded aols instant messanger but now they force you to install their web browser and a bunch of other advertising junk...

I do want to thank all the idiots at aol for giving me 5 years of service absolutely free i loved it but now its time to move on