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01-14-2006, 12:29 AM
Just found out about an amazing device called Slingbox that allows someone to watch any TV program on their cable/DVR box, even live shows, anywhere in the world on their computer. Has anyone tried this product and if so, what is their experience with it?

Assuming the TV show is an NTSC broadcast, do say all European computers, allow you to watch in either NTSC or PAL, manually adjusting the format, or are computers limited to just one system?

What about bit Torrants. If somone puts on a US TV SHow as a bit torrant, can that file be played on a European System, I guess through Windows Media Player.

Any insight will be welcome, I totally do not understand, if there is a way to watch either format. I know on my computer I can watch DVDs in PAl but I can only do this a few times and then the software won't allow me to do this.