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01-11-2006, 02:31 PM
See my review posted yesterday on the Toshiba SD1700 DVD player. This player apparently has a problem with the power supply which seems to be related to plugging it in or perhaps just turning it on. I'm guessing from what folks have said about their experiences that it's just the normal surge that occurs whenever you turn something on. Like when the light bulb always burns out when you turn it on and never when it's already on. I noticed that the plug on this unit frequently (always?) sparks when I plug it in. It shouldn't do that unless power is flowing to something despite the fact that it's turned "off." These units have a memory of sorts, and maybe that's what's causing what appears to be a power flow on plugging it in. One user said his power supply blew out after he had cut the circuit breaker to change a light bulb or whatever, then flipped the breaker back on. The power supply in the unit then failed even though the unit wasn't turned on.

I went to the trouble of modding this player to correct the OTHER design problem it had and I'd hate to now lose it because the power supply problem jumps up and bites me. So far (knock wood) I haven't gotten bitten by that one.

So does anybody have a suggestion for a simple mod by which less than full voltage could be supplied to the unit at first, and then full voltage supplied thereafter? Or something like that? I used to see these little wafer gizmos that you put in a light socket before you screwed the bulb in and they did that sort of function to prevent the initial surge that will burn out a weakened bulb.

Anybody have any suggestions regarding that kind of thing for my DVD player?

01-12-2006, 07:40 AM
I haven't got a direct answer to your problem, but I have all my rig connected to a power conditioner and surge protection.
Even the TV and VCR/DVD has its own power conditioner.
You could try and investigate a single surge protector and see how you get on. They are quiet resonable priced. Wouldn't know how to make one myself.
Good luck.