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01-09-2006, 08:50 PM
I am building a new house and have the unique opportunity to set up things the way I want them. I cannot, however, go too crazy as the house needs things like bricks, plumbing,. etc.

My current setup is a bit odd: On my main channels, I have pre-out level connections going from my receiver (7.1 source), to dual subs, then back to power amp for the mains. I only use the AV receiver to power the front and rears. The problem is, I am going to have to run RCA-type connects in the wall, over to the subs and then back. I would prefer something more shielded. I see PE has a bulkhead-style RCA-to-F adapter. Hmmmm. I am thinking of making a custom wall plate that allows be to run quad shielded RG6 behind the walls. Is this a good idea? Is this a good way to do it?

Also, I will be adding binding posts for rear channels and zone two channels (screen porch).

I have asked the electrician to run empty conduit and an empty box in the ceiling where a projector could go someday.

I have asked them to run conduit from the basement to the second floor on either end of the house, for whatever comes along.

Also CAT5 network throughout.

Anything I am missing?


01-10-2006, 06:23 AM
the best way to do it would be to get just a good shielded audio cable rated for inwall use. something 1 or 2 conductor, with two you can run both channels down the same cable, a ground drain and 100% foil shielding. Any good pro audio shop that does installation will probably have it. then use the platemate system from russound for the wall plates and you will be all set. you dont really need to go to the sub and then back to the receiver though if you just make up a good quality set of y cables to use behind the receiver so you dont have to run that extra wire

with any of the wire runs i would have conduit installed just incase you ever want to expand you have the ability to run the wire

cat 5 is a great thing to run everywhere not only for computers but if you ever invested in an A-bus system the cat 5 will already be in place

01-10-2006, 08:36 AM
Is there any reason NOT to use RG6 for pre-out level interconnects? Everything I know about wiring says it is a better cable for such a signal. ???. Attenuation. Interference. Also, it will be easiest for me to do. I have to pull the wires this weekend, sheetrock is on the way.



01-10-2006, 02:06 PM
I Ran Aprox 1700' Of 14gauge Cl3 In Wall Monster Wire To 11 Inwall And 27 Current Or Posable Speaker Locations Thruout My House. I Used Leviton Quickport Connectors For Binding Posts, F Conectors, Rca Connectors, And Telephone Ports. Single And Double Gang Boxes Make For A Clean Instalation For Varous Hookups. I Used A 24 And Two 32 Port Panels Mounted To A Piece Of Oak Plywood On The Wall Behind My Stereo System As A Central Connection Point.these Panels Can Often Be Found On Ebay For Aroud Twenty Bucks A Piece. Due To The Lack Of Bass Management Adjustment In My Procesor, I Ran Speaker Wire Connections To A Sub Location And Then Back Thru The Wall To The Left And Right Main Speaker Locations. I Also Ran Rg6 To Varous Posable Sub Locations Which Will Allow For That Type Of Conection After I Upgrade My Procesor. The Use Of The 86 Ports Mounted Into The Wall Behind The Sound System Also Requires 3-4' Jumpers For Interconnects And Speaker Wires. The Only Negative Side Of Using The Quickports Is The Cost Can Add Up When Doing A Whole House And The Spacing Is Not Condusive To Dual Banana Plugs. I Would Highly Recomend That Any Central Wall Panel Be Built Into An Interior Wall To Allow For The Volume Of Wires Coming Into It. Do Yourself A Favor, And Run Speaker Wire Anywhere That You Think You Might Want Speakers In The Future Even If The Wires Are Just Left In An Electrical Box With A Blank Cover. If You Do Put A Panel On An Interior Wall You May Want To Have A Space Between Studs Of Greater Than 16" As The Leviton Panels Often Have Cable Management Shelves On The Back Which Are About 19 " Long. If You Are Going To Wire Your Whole House For Sound Remember To Either Use Impedence Corecting Volume Controls Within Rooms Or Use An Impedence Correcting Speaker Switching Box At The System. Good Luck With Your Project.

01-10-2006, 06:09 PM
there is no reason not to use RG6. going with what i mentioned is just easier in my opinion to run two channels down one tiny cable which the termination can be repaired easily if ever need be too. if you have enough interference in your house to cause an issue with 100% foil shielded cable then there is a major issue than needs to be addressed. i guess the plus side to RG6 would be if you ever needed to it could become a video run for something