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01-08-2006, 09:45 PM
I represent for Hanoi Music Lovers would like to get some information of products has launched to the market a decade ago. We're groups in Vietnam pay more attention to MB Quart Speakers & really love their sound. Compare with New one in the market, the old series has very high appreciation.

Even on the internet, we can't find the Cataloge or information about your Old Quart Series : MB Quart 590 MCS , 490 MCS, or 850 ( floorstanding)... This's lovely if we received Cataloge about this old products . For Old one most of this we have to recovered the outplain by veneer or simili papar due to it was torned. Here attached with MB QUART 590 MCS series, Is it Monitor style?

We have a Audio Shop with your new products beside Old ones.Some our customers also query about the sound of New Version can not better than the Old Ones. Pls also adviced us what can of amplified support for New Quart. For the Old ones we used MARANZT PM 94 , ACCUPHASE 305V, 206, ROTEL RA 03... to beat it. And what about recommended for New Version, pls advice.

We're greatly appreciated for members feedback,