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01-04-2006, 11:39 PM
Hi, I'm looking to help my father pick out a home theater system, he really doesn't want to deal with picking out seperate speakers or anything along those lines so we're down to HTIB. We were looking at the paradigm cinema 70 vs the 90. the 70 was 500 and the 90 was 650. They don't watch a lot of movies but it is a nice tV 65 inch mitsu, platinum, and a mid line integra receiver. Is there a worthwhile reason to spend the extra money for the 90 if they don't watch many movies or listen to much music down there?

I'm inclined to tell them to go ahead and buy the 90 but what do you think.



01-05-2006, 07:46 AM
Heres the specs for the 70 (

and for the 90 (

The main differences are larger midrange drivers on the 90s and a 10" sub for the 90 vs 8" for the 70.

This is going to translate into deeper base- or maybe deeper lower midrange depending on what you consider bass. The extension down on the 90 mains is 75khz, 85 for the 70s, which is not that low (less than 2 octaves below middle C on a piano). You might very well appreciate a 10" sub over the 8" with mains that don't reach low.

The quality of the sound will likely be about the same for both systems. To me it seems reasonable to pay a little more for the 90s. But you gotta ask what your parents want/care about.

01-05-2006, 01:54 PM
yeah I atually have a pretty good understanding of the differences in specs and what that would likely lead to when listening, but I was hoping someone might have actually listened to each system, i've hurd the 90 system but that was without the sub (it was runnning with a 10 inch klipsch) so it should have been relatively comparable. but the place didn't have a 70's system set up and didn't have either of the systems subs out so I couldn't hear them I was hoping someone might let me know if they heard any differences between the two and what they thought of the two systems in general.

the sorrounds are also a big difference between the two systems also. just to let anyone reading know