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01-03-2006, 01:43 PM
When listening to FM broadcasts on my home theater system, I've recently started to get occassional static that was not there before. This could be some type of grounding or antenna problem, since the problem occurs whenever I place my hand over or very near my Denon 3300 receiver (if I remove my hand it goes away), or if I stand about 2 feet in front of my left front speaker, a Monitor Audio Silver 5i. This speaker is also just outside the cabinet where the receiver is. If I move further away from the speaker, or move right up to it, or even off to the side, the static lessens or goes away entirely. Nothing has been changed on my system in quite a while, and even though I do have a cable rat's nest behind the tower cabinet, this problem just started out of the blue, so I am stumped as to what has happened and what to try to fix it. Any suggestions as to what is happening and what to do to fix it?