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01-02-2006, 08:56 AM

Please add the above new product:

Mfg: ComponentPlus
Tube DAC
Audio Horizons TD 3.0
MSRP $2250

The Audio Horizons TD 3.0 Digital Analog Converter is a high end tube DAC boasting the following specifications: razor straight linear frequency from 10Hz to 20kHz +0/-0.3 dB; THD guaranteed not to exceed 0.01% @ -20dBFs; dynamic range better than 100 dB; S/N less than -105 dBv; and channel separation (crosstalk) better than 95 dB at 10-20kHz.

Among the design features of the TD 3.0 are:

• Four 6922 (6DJ8) tube complement
• Burr-Brown Op Amps, OPA 627.
• Blackgate coupling capacitors are used to bridge the digital and analog section.
• The use of a low ESR capacitor bank, with an extremely high 8,800 uf of storage.
• The use of a push-pull analog section.
• The absence of a built-in clock circuit to reduce digital intermodulation and lower the noise floor.
• Short digital signal path reduces jitter to a minimum.
• Low output impedance design permits the use of long interconnects..
• Teflon silver coated inner wiring.
• Tube buffer stage and push-pull topology better capture upper level harmonics.
• A capacitor bank comprising 12,000uf on the DC filament.
• Independent channels each with a pure DC filament supply to reduce crosstalk.
• Thirteen stages of regulation on high voltage provide better ripple regulation.
• The use of a low ESR capacitor bank, with an extremely high 2,860 uf of storage in the HV section to provide extra reserves.
• 30 second delay after power is turned on to insure low start up noise and pop.
• RF shielded balance/XLR connectors.
• All gold plated Teflon RCA jacks insure low connector loss and high signal transfer.

01-02-2006, 03:02 PM
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