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01-01-2006, 02:01 PM
I have used the B&W 201s and 602s2 before and have listened to the Matrix
804s before. So these are my benchmarks. The 602s I used on a Luxman LV 103 integrated and found the sound quite open and smooth. The Matrix 804s I've
heard on YBA equipment back in the 90s and found them very enjoyable. They
were very open and spacious with good imaging and detail. The midrange and
highs were very clear and open. Now from what I'e heard before- what are
people opinions on the newer 704 speakers? I talked to the dealer and he
says they are an improvement compared to the 804 matrix speakers. I liked
the 602 s2 when I had them. I prefer to stick with B&W speakers as this is
the sound I like.

The system I have planned for these may go down to this- either Rotel amp
with Conrad Johnson tube preamp or Conrad Johnsons MV 60 SE amp with
PV14LS preamp. I'm not sure yet how good a match these components are with B&W speakers. I've heard Sonic Frontiers tube amps before and they were ok, though they now are solid state only. I didn't really give their tube amps a good listen at the time in a proper room. I really liked the YBA solid state at the time. I'm leaning toward the tube pre-amp/amp combo from Conrad J, but have not heard their amps with B&W speakers. Any opinions welcome.