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12-31-2005, 02:15 PM
Newby here,
First of all I have to tell you that this site is great!

I am trying to design a system for a 35 foot RV. I have been leaning toward the MINI SHELF systems mainly due to their ease of mounting. A list of things that I would like it to do with it is;

FM stereo
hook up to my LCD tv.
play CD's
play DVD's
power my existing 100W 8in AudioSource IW speakers
Play Satellite radio

It would be nice to be able to tie a car head unit into the system to use with the 8 ohm InWall speakers that way I don't have to worry about skipping due to vibration, and the FM reception would be much better,( I'm Audio Illiterate so I don't know if that is possible.)

I spotted the ONKYO MC25TECH unit and it seems it will do all of what I need it to do, and the price is OK. (don't want to go any higher) The reviews I have read seem good, OR can you experts help me with other options? I am not looking for LOUD, just good clean, crisp sound.

Thanks in advance
Jim Callaghan