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View Full Version : Are DVD Recorders lifeline the VCR's of Today? Bilt to Self Destruct?

12-30-2005, 02:20 PM
I'm curious on this one. Do DVD lasers on recorders (and probably players as well) have a limited lifetime? Do the more expensive ones have more of a life? I'm now on my third DVD recorder in about a year and a half (I use them maybe 1-4 hours a week copying stuff from my DVR, VCR & Camcorder) due to them self destructing, I'm assuming its the laser. As I had a good extended warranty, I haven't been out any money out of pocket. I took out a 3 year warranty for $25 on my latest $99 purchase. Anyway, are these things built to have the laser
wear out or is that just a coincidence & what out of curiosity are you actually getting better for the more expensive ones if the recording will still be the same. I know you might have better features such as the ability to record both DVD+R & -R, which isn't important for me, perhaps better editing (again not more important) & an optical out (not important as I just use this for recording not as my main player), but do they last longer or what? What exactly are you paying for that's better? I know for CDR's & DVDR's, I get the exact same quality from cheap no name brands as I do from top dollar brands (I've never had a cheap brand not work & as I said the results were perfect- it's not like Maxell XL Audio Cassette tape and a cheap cassette no name brand where there is an actual difference).