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12-29-2005, 03:05 PM
Yes about 10 years ago i went out looking for the ultimate system and got suckered into these pos speakers. i got the speal about the 3d sound and all the crappola about how they were the best. sat in the chair and was hit with their (doctored) cd. walked out with over 12 thousand dollars worth of their speakers ( full wrap around) and some harmon stuff.
mind you i kept the harmon stuff but was really dissapointed with the nuance. they had a funny ring in the top end. i took one of the mains (6500.00 for the set) apart and the tweeter had a broken lead on it, but took 4 months to get another one. also took the other main apart after the bass was sounding strange after about a week. the mid woofer i guess you would call it was wired out of phase to the others. all in all a very poor performance for a so called top of the line speaker company.
i did get my money back over time by selling some stuff and trading some stuff. i never really lost any money but have learned not to follow the hype. the only reason im getting into this is that i just traded my last nuance item (sub) for a set of accoustic research 226 ps speakers. i will never again fall for any hype. lesson learned....

12-29-2005, 05:00 PM
I had a listen to them, they sounded ok. But they didn't sound good enough for the price tag. The salesmen were acting more slick than they actually were, they called their patented technology "Spatial Sound" which they placed a cd in and it sounded as though some marching band was walking around me...just like 2ch surround.....then magically the store owner from B.C. appeared (his flight just got in) and offered me a 30% discount, thats when the Bulls*** detectors went off because funny enough a friend of mine was in the store 3days earlier, and the store owner magically appeared for him too. Im sorry to hear you got suckered by these people, but you have to be cautious of such forward sales people, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I know a guy who got suckered by these snakes, so you're not alone.