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12-29-2005, 12:09 AM
I recently bought an Onkyo HT S780 after going through numerous positive reviews on the web.

I set it up and it does sound wonderful.

However, I have an issue when playing fm radio or certain mp3 files in neo6 or prologic IIx modes - only the front speakers and center speaker produce sound - the surrounds dont.

When I play an audio CD from the same DVD player which I used for the mp3s - in neo6 or plIIx, all speakers work fine.

Is this a problem with the receiver? Or is this expected?

Also, the built in modes - orchestra, unplugged etc only give me 5.1 surround (on same audio cd - which gave 7.1 in neo6) whereas the manual states that it should be 7.1

I am very confused. Have tried all the settings etc and double checked the wiring - that all seems to be fine.

Also since all the speakers are working fine in other modes or on different media - it does not look like problem in setup.

Any help is highly appreciated. I am out of my depth here.


12-30-2005, 02:59 AM
Is your FM tuner working correctly. In other words, is the FM tuner producing stereo sound to begin with. Is is possible that some of these MP3 files are not in stereo either? It is possible for some stereo sound to not output to the rear speakers because the recording may not have any ambient information to begin with. Years ago, while recording out in the field with stereo vhs, I had one microphone that was extremely unidirectional that it would not pick up any audio information other to where the microphone elements were aimed so there was no sound from my rear surround speakers. A different microphone that I used would record ambient information that would come out on my surround speakers.

12-30-2005, 09:53 AM
I talked to the Onkyo Product Support - and he told me how to reset the system. After that, the FM seems to produce some sound in the surrounds in neo6 and pl IIx modes - though it is not very clear.

But the DSP modes Orchestra etc are still not giving any sound in the back surrounds.

I am wondering how much of a deal this is and whether I should just live with it. DVDs with Dolby or DTS are working fine. I can use all channel stereo for the music - that seems to be the preferred mode anyway. Unhooking the whole system and taking it back will be a big pain.

My main concern is that if this means there is something wrong in the receiver and it starts giving me problems after the return period is over - I will be hosed :(


12-30-2005, 02:03 PM
Hi Shankygup; I am not familar with Onkyo's products although I am well aware of them. Check to see how you system sounds in stereo only with the FM tuner on. Does this receiver have adjustments to the FM tuner? I know in the past that some units use to have a type of "mix" control that would lessen stereo separation in the name of reducing noise. If your receiver has this, you would need to defeat it. I know on my Sherwood receiver that when I am in a DSP mode of which my unit has three types, I must adjust the channels since the receiver has memory for a setting on each of the DSP modes offered on my unit. Your unit can be very well the same. The settings that you made for D.D. and DTS are good for those settings, but you receiver may offer you to set your settings for the DSP mode that I just described and possibly for DPL 2 and DTS NEO which of course would be L-C-R-SL-SR-SWFR etc.