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12-27-2005, 06:09 PM
Dropped into Future Shop today to check out some TV's and was rather pleased with some of the sets. Sony's Bravia (KLV) in particular was absolutly beautiful, the picture was crisp, clean, nice blacks...this is the nicest LCD i have seen to date. I had a gander at Sony's 3chip lcd larger tv's (SXRD and another) as well, and i found they were.... remakably unremarkable. The pictures on the larger sets were rather choppy and pixelated, i've heard people rave about these TV's, but they weren't anything to write home about (perhaps this was caused by the source material).

Also looked at the DLP's and again was unimpressed, im not knocking DLP in general, but the selection at FS was not very broad.

The plasmas blew away all the sets in terms of color, clarity, contrast, and range of view (obviously), the pioneer lead the group by a significant margin. But the Sony Bravia was a VERY close contender to the plasmas.

I was unhappy to find that there were no LCoS sets to view, but it is afterall Future Shop.

So i guess what im saying is, if anyone is in the market for a mid sized TV, put the Sony Bravia on your list of sets to look at, you won't be disappointed.