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12-26-2005, 01:20 PM
I have been a BIC fan for quite some time. An owner of bic V604 tower speakers for several years, I was really interested in the Acoustic line when I saw them. I purchased the center channel ht-65 spring 2005. I was so impressed with the performance and sound I decided to get the Tower ht-75's.

I am not a consumer who try's to pass himself off as an audiofile by talking technical jargon. I am just a home theater owner who knows what sounds good and what doesn't.

I ordered the ht-65 via ebay and the ht-75's through Both were ordered through Acoustic Sound Design. Service and response was exceptional.

Yesterday, I hooked up the ht-75's up to my theater system and was blown away. I couldn't believe the difference a matched set of towers and center speakers made. The sound and clarity on these speakers is amazing. That coupled with the great look and finish. You cannot go wrong with these speakers. Don't look any further, buy these speakers NOW! You will never find a speaker that sounds better at the price.

My surround speakers are currently Klipsch ksb1.1's that deliver very good sound but I cannot help but wonder what the ht-63 surrounds would contribute, who know's maybe I will know in the not so distance future.

My recommendation, don't waste time buying piece by piece. Buy this entire system and sit back and enjoy!