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12-23-2005, 02:13 PM
Speaking of the gothic world of Nick Cave, god, I've been listening so much lately to this Black Heart Procession + Solbakken In The Fishtank thing from last year and it's just been so knocking me out. Only 6 songs, but I love every one of them. It just shouldn't be this good, but apparently these guys played together some over in Europe and had a chance to experiment with some ideas before hitting the studio for the normal whirlwind recording of this series. Just incredible, and also just reaffirms my belief that BHP is one of the best bands working today. Can't wait for their next album. Wonder if their next one is actually gonna be the reunion of Three Mile Pilot? The rejoining of Black Heart Procession and Pinback. I know they've been working on it, allthough I guess there's been some family additions and stuff like that to slow down the project. But this one I'm listening to right now for the 53rd time is a great taste of things to come. Love it when Pall sings the most, but the Solbakken guy isn't bad either. And they have this Rachael chick in the mix too, especially on the opening track, trading verses with Pall, her in French and him in English, almost like Laetitia from Stereolab. Very cool. Voiture En Rogue. Love it. Music is so cool ;)

Happy Merry Christmas Holidays New Years! Time to open a beer. Anyone else around here enjoy the occasional adult beverage? Bass Ale about to provide the illusion of peace love and understanding for me today. Rockin in the free world!

There is a dog
that waits for me
at my front door
it lays asleep
and everytime
I'd like to leave
it starts to bark
or it follows me ... and I don't need a dog

only angels have wings (http://onlyangels.free.fr/reviews/b/the_black_heart_procession/in_the_fishtank.htm)

12-23-2005, 08:16 PM
is that G500 on yer aveetar?

12-23-2005, 08:40 PM
is that G500 on yer aveetar?
Classic pity response, but don't think I'll forget ;)

Yeah, it's the new Peel Sessions disc, but haven'theard it yet. Mentioned it in one of the other threads today asking if anyone had yet. Only 8 songs so seems kind of pricey, although I think it's a low price CD. No idea how good the session was. Do you know? Love Naomi's earrings, eh?


For Immediate Release
September 8, 2005



On November 15 20/20/20 Records will release the final piece of the official Galaxie 500 catalog, Peel Sessions. The sessions were recorded on two separate visits to the legendary BBC radio show, on September 24, 1989 and October 30, 1990. These recordings, while often bootlegged and traded, have never been officially available until now. They have been digitally re-mastered by Alan Douches, who also re-mastered the Galaxie 500 Box Set.

The two sessions feature a selection of the band’s favorite originals along with some unexpected cover songs. Galaxie tracks “Flowers,” “Blue Thunder,” “Decomposing Trees” and “When Will You Come Home” are here, plus Buffy St. Marie’s “Moonshot,” “Final Day” by Young Marble Giants, Jonathan Richman’s “Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste” and a rare and unexpected version of the Sex Pistols’ “Submission.”

"I remembered the covers, especially the Sex Pistols song and the Young Marble Giants one, cause they were so much fun to record,” said Galaxie drummer Damon Krukowski. “I didn't recall anything about what else we'd done. Turns out we'd chosen a mini-comp of all our favorite songs to play live — the takes are different than the albums, changed by all the touring we'd done by that point, but very different from live tapes too because we had access to overdubs — two guitars, percussion on top of the drums, even some electronic blips and bleeps on the Buffy St. Marie track.”

Peel Sessions features a cover illustration of the band by Lara Tomlin. Tomlin is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker, Time, Forbes and more. It is produced by the BBC.

The trio of Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang met in high school in New York City in the early 1980s. They formed Galaxie 500 together in Cambridge, MA several years later, in 1987. Together they recorded three studio albums (1988’s Today, 1989’s On Fire and 1990’s This Is Our Music). They met with much acclaim and moderate commercial success worldwide in their short time together, but disbanded in 1991. Wareham went on to form Luna and Damon & Naomi began recording together as a duo. In 2004, Damon & Naomi launched their label, 20/20/20 whose first release was Damon & Naomi’s latest studio effort, 2005’s The Earth Is Blue.

For more information on Galaxie 500 or 20/20/20
please contact Deb Bernardini at DBMPR
Also visit 20-20-20.com

12-23-2005, 09:33 PM
it's tempting... the only missing thing I have is the Copenhagen live cd, now this. I got the Ryko box set before it went OOP.

12-23-2005, 09:44 PM
it's tempting... the only missing thing I have is the Copenhagen live cd, now this. I got the Ryko box set before it went OOP.
Do you have that DVD set they released last year? Saw part of it at a little indie store and the live stuff looks and sounds pretty crappy, but fun to see them perform since I never did. I'd love to find it at the library or used for real cheap, but probably wouldn't buy it because I am real cheap. They had some hot nights on stage. Real chemistry at times, and I think they must've known they were doing something very cool at the time, although it's hard to tell that after the fact from interviews. Too bad it ended so strangely.