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12-19-2005, 05:31 PM
I am using three of the Seas / Peerless HDS as Main and Front channels. Add to that two Dayton Reference HiFi 10.00 subs. I am crossing the subs at about 85 Hz onboard. The two subs are connected in stereo, L and R receive full frequency signals via Main Channel pre-outs from the receiver. L and R Mains are then daisy-chained to the pre-out from the sub amp into an independent power amp. Thus, the pre-out loop from the receiver controls everything. Once I set the gain, everything follows the master volume. I did have AC buzz until I put the cords to the same outlet.

Sounds great. Really, really great. I think this approach may be a good way to go in order to match a sub(s) for music use. They really do blend in well. It helps that the HDS is a mid-bass.

As far as volume, there is essentially no content I cannot play wide-open, even the dreaded 1812 Overture finale. (o.k., it's -10dB on the volume, but I boost +10dB in the software to better match the pre-outs to the power amp.) Either way, it is cranking. Ask the wife...

Photo and Hookup Diagram: