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12-04-2005, 01:52 PM
Hey everyone. This is my first post so I may need some time to learn more terminology, so please bear with me if you will.

I started out with a 5.1 deal all came in a box from Kenwood, and it was a really nice system. Actually I think still to date it's probably the best deal I've ever seen for $400. Great sounding speakers and a nice reciever, and a good sub to boot. Anyways it worked great on any mode, I could crank it until the speakers sounded bad and I never really had problems till a couple months ago when it started turning off, or back to standby rather. I opened it up and discovered somehow my cat(s) had managed to piss in the damn thing, I'm lucky it didn't explode or something.

But thats the background as to why I purchased my new reciever, an Onkyo TX SR502 that puts 75 watts to 6 channels. Not as much as the Kenwood, but with Onkyo being a higher end, more reputable brand I figured I would still get great, if not better, sound. I got her all hooked up, taking my time despite being excited like a kid. Listend to some shows in different 5.1 modes for a couple hours and was pleased just with that sound. Turned on the radio, cuz I am a big music lover, wanted to hear how the ol radio waves would sound. Mmmmm, so good. This reciever kicks the Kenwood's ass nine ways to Sunday. Of course I wanted it loud, so up I go. Around 57ish (dial goes to 70 something), the reciever clicks back to standby. ARRRRGG. It does this on any mode thats 5.1, which is most. If I crank a movie up it lasts a couple minutes and then, bam, standby. Really incredibly annoying. I have screwed around with it and have determined its something to do with the rear Left and Right speakers, or outputs I should say. Stereo modes will go as loud as I want with no problems, any mode with the surrouds will shut the reciever down around volume 60. I thought maybe the speakers were clashing with the reciever somehow but that doesnt make sense, all the other speakers work, all have the same impeadance and wattages, and they were all a set when I got them. So I hooked up differnt regular stereo speakers to the back, same problem. Then, I unhooked all rear speakers, and the same thing happened. Thus leading me to believe the problem lies in the reciever. I have tried different crossover settings to no avail, I have put less volume to the surrouds (even though I like them to be noticable), and that didn't help. I dont know what else to try. Is there a setting on there I can't find or what??? I am positive they are hooked up correctly, and as I said it only does this at volumes mid 50s and hihger, and stereo modes work fantastically. Any suggestion would be great, need more info? I'll do my best to answer pre-answer questions. Thank you very much.

-Justin from Madison, WI

12-04-2005, 01:59 PM
I don't know for sure, but I wonder if the impedance of the speakers hits a low, and the current demands at your volume limit (with all speakers engaged) is engaging protection circuitry?

Check the speaker wires...a loose strand that crosses, or couple of cuts in the plastic sheathing that will allow the positve and negative lines to touch anywhere could be doing this too.

12-06-2005, 10:07 PM
You may not have enough amplification.

If you have to turn the volume up that high, you are putting a real load on the receiver, especially with 5 speakers.

This combined with a marginal receiver (defective from mfg) could cause your system to shut down prematurely.

I have to assume that all wiring is in order and the components are WELL ventilated, especially with the load you are putting on the receiver.

Remember, published figures are usually based on one or two channels driven only. NOT 5 at the same time!!!