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12-03-2005, 11:00 AM
I plan on moving my PC system to the bedroom soon and I need to combine both the TV and computer monitor as one. I'm looking at around getting a 26-32" flat panel to hang above my wifes' large closet facing the bed. Our old 19" sits on top of the closet shelf along with all the HT gear (Pioneer VSX 414, Phillips VCR and Pioneer DV 525). Now the main CPU unit will sit inside of the closet so all the cables will run up through the roof of closet to top of shelf. The Keyboard and mouse will be wireless and I will run the PC's sound through the HT gear. I been looking at the Dell's 26 and 32" but as I walk through the stores during this holiday season I see more stores selling these sizes units. My budget range is about Free---1500.00. but I need something that will handle both very well. I do a lot of gaming online and a HDTV ready set would be a major plus. Now my video card does support DVI so that will not be a problem but VGA input is ok. and just for those that are wondering about the speakers I used 4 Optimus Pro 77x's, Optimus C3 center and a KLH 120 10" sub. In a room size of 20'w 15' L Where the closet divides the room from the bath area. The ceiling is vaulted which adds to the surround effect for the fronts which sit on the top shelf of the closet which run the full width of the room. So the TV would be mounted about 7'-8' above.