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12-01-2005, 03:42 PM
I have the chance to get a NIB pair of either Monitor Audio GR-10 bookshelfs at 50% off or $750.00 or a pair of Energy Ref Connoisseur RC-50 towers for the same price. I love the imaging of the MAs, but the I will need a sub. The RC-50's sound great too, but the imaging is not a good in my opinion, but there is better bass response and louder and fuller sound. I am only running HI-FI 2 channel. I heard Bookshelfs will provide a better soundstage as well as image better than towers?

I have to make this decision by 6 pm tonight.


12-01-2005, 04:00 PM
Is this 50% off at Good Guys?

Sorry 4 the side question

12-01-2005, 09:42 PM
yes it is. Wow, no replies, that's no help.

12-02-2005, 11:08 AM
Of the two, I would go with the Energy. I found the MA's tweeter to be too sibilant for my taste. Fatigue set in at the 1/2 hour mark while listening to a mixture of jazz and rock. Plus, you'll need a sub with GR's while the Energy's will hold their own.

Personally, I would never rush into buying anything as important as speakers for the sake of a sale. A short term savings should never influence your long term musical enjoyment. What happens if you find a better speaker later but already jumped the gun on either of these? Money spent on an inferior product is money lost.

That said, if you have already auditioned a ton of speakers and found these to be the most favorable, by all means take advantage of GG's mistakes :).

12-02-2005, 10:31 PM
Thanks Topspeed.

Well here is what happened. 3 wks ago the surrounds on my 12 yr old Boston Sub/Sat6IIs died. I also have one blown tweeter. In comes GG sale. I here the Energy C9 vs MA RS 6. The C9 has a little more bass but the MAs just image better and sound more articulate to my ears. The problem is all the demos are beat to heck. The sales guy tells me they have the new Energy RC speakers but no demos so purchase without hearing, scary! He is trying to sell me the RC-50s 2 way with two 6.5" kevlar drivers. decide I would try out the RC-10s, bookshelfs 5.5" driver, rosenut color, very nice, 50% off, $300. What the heck!

I had these running for a couple weeks, they sound very nice but not the same as the MAs. I hit up just about all the So Ca GGs that are still open and finally can hear a set of the Energy RC-50s, The sound very good, but the imaging is still not up to MA in my opinion, but there is more bass. I hit up another GG in Tustin and they have the MA Gold Ref GR-10 set up in a sound room. I listen to them and they were just awesome!!!!!!
The imaging and articulation was like nothing I have every heard. They had several set in black, not my favorite color, but the sales guys said he thought he saw a pair in cherry still in the box. He did and I picked them up. They have the most awesome sound and the cherry wood is like a heavy grain burl walnut tons of figuring, just awesome!!

I was torn on the price since the Energy rc-50 towers and MA gr-10s were the same. I prefer the Bookshelfs as towers always seem to get in the way and I would most likely want a 10" sub too as the 6.5" drivers in the tower are not going to give me the same sound as the MA gr-10s + a Velydyne SPL 1000.

I figured that if I did not like the MAs, I could easily sell them for what I paid for them. I am debating on whether to sell the Energy RC-10s or keep them for a system upstairs?