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01-13-2004, 07:21 AM
Not that anyone cares, but here's a few flicks i've seen in the past few weeks but haven't really commented on.

In theaters:
Master and Commander - Decent enough film, but i felt it was about 20 minutes too long. Was expecting much more in the way of naval battle scenes, but still a good movie that will make an excellent series.

Cold Mountain - Superb performances from Jude Law, Renee Zellweger and Hoffman. Kidman was servicable in her role, but nothing award worthy IMO. Great cinematography, beautiful sets. Movie followed the book pretty dang well. Best movie of the year so far for me... though i still haven't seen LOTR:ROTK.

Bruce Almighty - Silly comedy with Jim Carrey. Good for a few laughs and not much more.

Pirates of the Carribbean - Very entertaining popcorn flick. Not a lot of substance to the movie and it seemed to follow the Princess Bride story line a little too close for my liking... but still an entertaining movie. Good performances by Rush, Depp, and Orlando Bloom.

Levity - Good story line, bad movie. Kirsten Dunst in another tired "teen angst" role. Been there done that, sweetheart. Move on to some deeper roles please. Billy Bob was pretty good, but that was about the highlight of the film.

Life of David Gale - Bad movie. My wife and I had the ending figured out 15 minutes into the film without knowing a thing about this movie.

Die Another Day - The worst Bond film yet. This one might be the one that stops my streak of seeing all of the Bond films. Was flat out awful. Why have these movies become nothing more than a reason to make things blow up?

On the plate for the next several days:
The Hours, Bad Boys 2, X-2: X Men United and Gigli. Gigli is being rented out of a morbid curiousity to see if its really as bad as people say it is.


01-13-2004, 07:53 AM
That's a lotta films to see and a lot of torture to take. Some of dem movies is just plain bad. Good balanced reviews though. I missed Master and Commander... just too many things to do and too much to see to take it all in.

Thanks for the information...

Da Worfster

01-13-2004, 01:07 PM
That's a lotta films to see and a lot of torture to take.

Not all of them were torture. I guess you could classify Levity, Life of David Gale, Die Another Day, and Bruce Almighty that way. But Cold Mountain was a pleasure to watch. Master and Commander and Pirates were just okay. I have a feeling the upcoming movies will be torture though.


01-15-2004, 06:53 AM
One thing to remember with Pirates is it follows the ride. It is an enjoyable movie without real substance to it but it wasn't meant to be a thinking mans movie. Alot of people forget to take the ride into account, which is why people in London didn't get the scene with the dog or the pirate chasing the woman.

01-15-2004, 08:06 AM
While Pirates was a movie based on a ride and you have to take that into account when watching it, it seems to me that you HAVE TO hold that against it. I mean, who wants to see a movie based soley on a theme park ride? How empty is THAT? Contrary to popular opinion, Depp was not doing a Keif Richards impersonation, rather he was channeling "Arthur".

Good call on the Bond flick Tug, one of the worst of the series. It's just SO worn out. It would have been interesting to see the entire movie take place in prison (like the first 15 minutes did) or do a movie with Bond on vacation . . . anything to shake up the formula.

Sounds like you have some real horrors on your plate.

01-18-2004, 11:24 AM
yea, I saw it in the theater with my girlfriend. I thought Johnny Depp was great, as always. By the way, in case you didn't hear, Tim Burton in remaking Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, now that could be great. Back to pirates, I thought the movie wasn't too good apart from depp. As a fan of zombie and horror movies, I guess I kindof forgot about the disney aspect when I heard evil skeleton pirates. I've been waiting for a good pirate movie for a while, and this isn't it. I can't wait till someone does a Treasure Island remake. By the way, does anyone know of a good version of Treasure Island, of the dozen or so remakes?