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11-27-2005, 07:09 AM

I was about to buy a pair of Spendor S8e when I noticed Reference 3a has a new model called the Veena. This looks like a alternative to the Spendor, but I can't find the MSRP of the Veena to know if it is in the same ballpark budger wise. Does anyone know the MSRP of the Veena?



11-27-2005, 07:57 AM

3295$ for the Reference 3A Veena :p

11-27-2005, 08:32 AM
Thanks much. This is now on the must hear list. I have a strong feeling this will be it... Now, to find a dealer around CT...


3295$ for the Reference 3A Veena :p

10-24-2007, 02:01 AM
Most people don't realize or know these speakers are so good ,They use No crossover ever to the critical midrange driver check this out Did you know this about Reference 3A ?

Please also remember when reading opinions online a lot of guys use a so so amplifier and this speakers are so reveiling to the source, garbage in garbage out, as well as setup
straight on that is the proper setup for this is a Time and Phase accurate loudspeaker,most people don't realize that the midwoofer is totally made by hand in house and the Tweeter is custom made and has tighter specifications than any of the ring radiators
out there as well as using solid Copper in the Faraday ring used in the motors structure in the tweeter,all very expensive that is why most companys donot do it.please also remember if a speaker is a 1st order design the tweeter has to work harder and have far better band width.This tweeters resonance point is at 590hz where most other Tweeters are well over 1000. Being time aligned the Tweeter and Woofer are arriving at the Ear at the same time and that is why it is much more precise and natural and the most critcal driver in any loudspeaker is the Midrange driver and in all Reference 3A loudspeakers the Amplifier power is fed directly into the Mid driver, also for example a B&W 802 for instance it's phase many vary over 30- 40degrees, with the Reference 3A loudspeakers under 10 degrees maximum for all drivers also all drivers are Matched paired only after 100 hours of breakin, at under .5 % for the Tweeter and under 1% for the Midwoofer. The drivers themselves are all underhung meaning much lower distortion than the average by as much as 5x .By Having a wider Magnetic gap and a shorter underhung voice coil, under extreme driver excursion the coil does not stray into the magnetic field ,also using Neodymium magnets which are 10x smaller and powerfull than the standard Iron core type.
Read the writeup on on the Decapp-I since the review 3 years ago showing a peak here or there in a graph can be deceiving, for the reviewer gave the loudspeaker a rave and a Best Buy.Not being satisfied with very good they redesigned the midwoofer and it is now even better ! Internally all silver carbon Van Dan Hull wiring is used as well as a solid Aluminum backing plate also Cardas binding posts and jumpers
and only 1 custom oil Capacitor to the Tweeter used as a high pass filter with no other power robbing distortion elements in the signal path , also the dynamic range spl is around 107db for the Decappo or Veena which is super loud without cone breakup driven with quality electronics.The cabinet is solidly braced with various thicknesses and the rear bass port is of a folded type for proper loading and no Bass overhang .
1.5" of Wool Felt is also used for internal cabinet vibration absorbtion, the Middriver is Carbon fiber and runs directly from the amplifier output that is why it sounds so electrostatic fast and clear. In business for 48 years and well known through Europe, they are making a Big comback in North America from their Swiss beginnings with many Patented technologies being used by other companys, to the cutting edge methods
such as liquid coatings that damp and absorb vibration to The Very expensive Murata Super tweeter used in the Grand Veena this is why Reference loudspeakers sound so natural, taking the time to do it properly
using the highest parts quality and methods, that is why Reference 3A loudspeakers and a best buy in every respective catagory.

jim goulding
10-27-2007, 06:59 AM
I second that. The Reference Da Capo 3A's use the same size mid/bass driver as the Spendor 8's in a smaller stand mount enclosure, play loud cleanly with more impact than most two ways with single drivers, probably all. And pop up occasionally on Audiogon (used) for sale.

10-27-2007, 03:13 PM
tsteahr, have you had a chance to compare the Spendor with the Veena? (It seems from your post that you've not heard the Veenas and are leaning toward them based on description only.)

I have a pair of Spendor S8es (recently upgraded from the S5e) and they are just magical. Very engaging, revealing but without the tizz, forwardness and overloaded bass that make many speakers initially impressive but ultimately tiring. It'd be hard to go wrong with them, so I would definitely want some extended listening under my belt before purchasing anything else based on advertising copy or technical descriptions alone.

Also, there are several used S8e pairs for sale on Audiogon right now, starting at $1500 for a pair of black demos and going up from there, so you can certainly get into them for a lot less than the $3200 list price.

10-27-2007, 07:55 PM
The DeCapo is very nice and the Veena is supposed to be very good. You should try and make the trip to Vegas for the CES. The vacation might cost you a grand but you could hear a lot of gear and then come up with a shortlist and then hear those ones in a better environment to come up with something really good.

I am of the view to carefully plan and then keep it for decades rather than get entangled in the product of the month club buying and selling gear continuously. I have heard from some that they like the sound of the De Capo better than the Veena so you should ask those who have heard both (owners).

You should also check out the Rocky Mountain Show Report done by one of the biggest dealers in the US. They covered almost every room and took over 1000 pictures and wrote comments on many systems including Reference 3a's room. A number of other interesting rooms as well. I'd like to hear if the opportunity presents itself.