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11-25-2005, 11:44 PM
Hello there, I recently aquired a brand new pair of Cerwin Vega E-715 extremely cheap at only $200 for the pair. I got them from someone who didnt know what they were worth.. they sell on Ebay new for close to 600 dollars. basically i gota pair of these for my brand new garage. it is 24' x 28' with a 12 foot vaulted ceiling. i use the garage to store 2 vintage mustangs... and i can pull the cars out and have a lot of room for get togethers. the garage is pretty high end i have it insulated drywalled and wood trim on the doors windows and baseboard. it is also heated so i can hang out there year round if i want.
i wanted a pair of speakers that i could run without a sub and these put out incredible bass...they are highly efficient at a SPL of 102 db. im running 2 old adcom GFA-555 amps bridged with an adcom Gtp 450 preamp and a CD player with mp3 playback
I know a lot of people say these are cheap party speakers but they dont sound horrible ... i do find that the mids and highs could sound a lot better..basically i want to experiment with these a little bit to see if i can get better highs.... my question is would i be better off putting better crossovers in these? or should i try replacing the midranges and tweeters? or both...I have Klipsch Reference series speakers in my living room and i love them although they are a bit weak without a sub augmenting the bass. I would love to try mating the Klipsch horns with the cerwins woofer..Has anyone ever tried modding out a pair of Cerwins? I dont mind putting a couple hundred dollars into them if it will significantly improve the sound.